Satellite over text saying "A Solid Foundation for Safety and Security"

Dependable Computing specializes in applied research, advanced development and technology transfer in safety- and security-critical application domains. We specialize in supporting clients with applications for which dependability is paramount in areas such as aviation, medical devices, automobile electronics, and security-critical information systems. Our goal is to enable our clients to realize the ultra dependability that their systems need.


Dependable Computing specializes in systems and software engineering for applications that have extreme consequences of failure such as threats to human life, extreme loss of assets, or damage to the environment. The staff at Dependable Computing has expertise in a wide range of advanced technologies providing support for safety- and security-critical domains.


Dependable Computing specializes in: (a) formal (mathematical) verification of safety and type properties of models defined using MathWorks Simulink, (b) formal specification and correctness proofs of software, (c) rigorous safety and security cases for safety- and security-critical applications, and (c) rigorous software assurance cases.


Dependable Computing’s ongoing projects include the development of the assurance case for a safety-critical avionics system on a large unmanned aircraft, and research on the safety engineering lifecycle, proof techniques for security properties of binary programs, proof techniques for model-based development, and analysis techniques for complex systems of systems.


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